Support housing and services for TGNC sex workers today!

Dear Community, It has been quite an exciting year full of activism and progress toward the full realization of sex worker rights. Just on the horizon: starting January 1st, 2023, California will be enacting SB357. Through the hard-earned effort of sex workers over many years, SB357 will prevent police profiling of women, especially Trans Women […]

St. James teams up with BAWs in their response to SF Board of Supervisors regarding legalizing Sex Work

Public Response to SF Supervisor’s Statement on Sex Work: Bay Area sex workers and advocates appreciate San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen for acknowledging the challenges that those in the sex trade face and initiating policy about these issues. In this letter, we ask for further collaboration and hope to provide context to improve the safety […]

Notes from the Naughty Nurse Mobile 3/16/23

          So I know it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. The St James Infirmary Outreach team and I have basically been fighting wars on several fronts. And I finally feel the dire need to make a statement about it.           In 2018, a set of federal laws called FOSTA/SESTA passed which essentially held […]