St. James does RenegadeCast

In 2008, Naomi, Melissa, Robyn, and Sadie began working on RenegadeCast together. This episode is the first from that collaboration, recorded at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City. Robyn and Melissa talk about what it was like to meet sex worker activists from around the world, what we’ve learned from advocacy groups in Latin America and Asia, and how to make change with sex workers in the United States.

In the next episode, Sadie Lune interviews Bacchus, a client of sex workers — about how he became a client, what his feelings towards sex workers are all about, the things he looks for in a sex worker to hire and how he prepares for a date, and what’s changed about his political and personal views on sex work since becoming a client himself.

You can download this episode directly here, and subscribe to RenegadeCast in iTunes to get each new episode as we post it.


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