Community Announcement, Please Circulate Widely

September 8, 2013

Dear Friends, Community Members, Allies, Supporters and Stakeholders of the St. James Infirmary,

I am writing today to inform you that I will be transitioning out of my position as Executive Director of the St. James Infirmary and will be instead moving onto the Board of Directors to continue working as a leader of this fabulous and one-of-a-kind clinic.

It has been such an honor to serve as the Executive Director of SJI for the past 7 years (11 years total working at the St. James Infirmary!).  I have learned and accomplished so much in that time.  I was blessed to meet and work with some of the most inspirational and passionate people.  I have forged wonderful friendships with so many of you who are amazing and tireless advocates on behalf of harm reduction, sex work, LGBTQQ rights, human rights and anti-oppression work locally and globally.  I am truly fortunate and deeply grateful for this experience.

I am also very proud and honored for what I have been able to accomplish and contribute to the Infirmary.  As a leader, I was often humbled at how difficult and yet rewarding this work was.  It is not easy to leave, and yet it is time.  It is time for new blood, new vision, and new leadership.   I am so excited about the opportunities!  (The ED position has been filed.  We will be announcing the new ED short.)

The great news is that I will be able to stay with the clinic until the new Executive Director is hired and trained.  I hope to be working with the new ED for quite some time as a member of the BOD where I can continue my love of advocacy for sex workers around the world.

In the meantime, if you are a funder, stakeholder or partner with the St. James Infirmary, please rest assured that the clinic is still in good hands, and we will continue to provide all our wonderful services.  Until I introduce a new ED, which hopefully, will be soon, I will continue to serve as your liaison to the clinic.  Please feel free to EMAIL ME with any questions you might have.

In Solidarity and Gratitude,

Naomi Akers, MPH

Executive Director