Please Welcome Stephany Ashley, our NEW Executive Director!

Announcement from our outgoing Executive Director:
It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that our new Executive Director is the wonderful and talented Stephany Ashley!  Stephany will be joining the clinic as ED starting 10/21/2013 and we are excited and blessed to have her.

Stephany started at the clinic nearly 8 years ago, and quickly became a leader of our community as she served as Programs Director for almost 2 years.  She left to go work for David Campos in City Hally on a temporary assignment and then spent a good part of the summer traveling the country.  Now she is back home in San Francisco and ready to take on new responsibilities and take the Infirmary to great places!

Please join me in welcoming her back in her new role as Executive Director. Congratulations Stephany, we couldn’t be more pleased to have you!!

Naomi Akers

09_stephanyA Letter From Our NEW Executive Director:

Dear friends, family and fans of the St. James Infirmary,

It is with a full and grateful heart that I announce that I will be stepping into the role of Executive Director of the St. James Infirmary this fall. St. James has been a very special place for me for the past 7+ years; a place where I have grown, learned, collaborated with and befriended some of the most fierce, talented and dedicated advocates and providers this City has. It is a place of phenomenal vision, heart, and ambition, and I am full of energy to return and continue its work from this new role.

My vision for St. James is one in which we are able to serve our community in their immediate health needs, their long-term personal goals, and in which we are able to grow as a change-making organization, setting policy goals for a local and national sex worker rights agenda, and advancing these goals through community empowerment, political advocacy, and knowledge production.

As you all know, it takes a lot to run an organization like St. James, and I am aware of the challenges that are before us. The instability of the economy and the changing dynamics of our very own neighborhood will require us to be creative and resourceful in our fundraising. The dramatic shift in healthcare as we know it through the implementation of the Affordable Care Act will require us to be flexible and embracing of change. I commit to approaching these challenges with great energy, focus, collaboration, and adherence to our mission. And I am excited to use these challenges as opportunities for us to strategically plan for the future of our organization, to cultivate allies and champions, and to set our sights on the long game. I commit, also, to supporting and cultivating your work and your vision within the organization, and I’m so very excited to work with you.

I can’t wait to see you all very soon in this exciting new role.