St. James does Folsom Street Events 2008-“Up Your Alley”

This year St. James Infirmary is partnering as a major beneficiary of the Folsom Street Fair Events and will receive a grant of $9,000 grant. This money will be used to expand our under-funded Transgender Health Services Program. This program is currently at capacity, however this new money will allow us to enroll new participants into these vital services.

Up Your Alley (aka. Dore Alley) has long been considered the true leather/BDSM/kink festival where crowds of the hardcore leather and BDSM communities gather, flaunt, socialize, demonstrate, enact, and enjoy a lively festival of fetish! This Sunday July 27, 2008 we will be joining the kinky with some hinky at Dore Alley to get our fetish on.

We are also looking for people to help out St. James Infirmary and volunteer for a shift at Folsom Street Fair September 28, 2008!!! For St. James supporters with a darker dirtier side, this should be a perfect event for you to give of yourself and express your kinkier sides! For more information on how you can help by making a donation or volunteering your time, please email our Events Coordinator


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