Short Message on SESTA/FOSTA and SB1204

A Short Message on SESTA/FOSTA and SB 1204

As an organization that has advocated for decriminalization of all facets of the sex industry since 1999, St. James Infirmary stands in direct opposition to both SESTA / FOSTA and SB 1204.

We have an obligation to not only our participants, but also to our funders, government contractors, and community stakeholders to continue and strengthen all of our programs and services, especially our Outreach and Harm Reduction Services.

Criminalization and incarceration of our community further marginalizes and disenfranchises us, which creates barriers to capacity building, exacerbates a public health crisis, and does nothing to minimize acts of coercion or violence.

St. James Infirmary is currently collecting additional information and planning how to provide comprehensive feedback to the community regarding these ill-conceived and harmful policies that are unfortunately moving forward.

For now, please refer to the following sites for more information and support:

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