Trans Rental Subsidies Orientation and Signup 

Join us for Our Trans Home SF housing subsidy program launch and orientation on Wed. January 29th!

Are you at risk of losing your housing? Do you need additional support to keep your housing? Do you need additional support finding a safe and supportive place to live?

The Our Trans Rental Support Program is here to help. We provide flexible rental subsidies to help you get into your new place, or keep your housing. We also have housing navigators that will support you throughout the process and connect you with additional community services. Come out to the Our Trans Home SF orientation to learn more about the rental subsidy program, if you qualify, and what support you can get. Also great overview of our new services for local providers and organizations.

Lunch provided!

This program is a coalition effort between multiple organizations led by St. James Infirmary and Larkin Street Services, and includes TAJA’s Coalition and is supported by San Francisco’s Office of Transgender Initiatives and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD).

Orientation and Signup
January 29, 2020

Koret Auditorium, SF Public Library
12pm – Doors open
12:30 – Program begins with welcome from Toni Newman, Executive Director of St. James Infirmary
12:35 Remarks from Sherilyn Adams (Executive Director of Larkin Street Youth Services)
12:40 – Remarks by Clair Farley, Special Advisor to the Mayor and Director of The Office of Trans Initiatives, on Mayor’s Breed commitment and recent investment into Trans Home SF.
12:45 – Remarks from Supervisor Matt Haney
12:50 Story by a participant who has or would benefit from the program
12:55 – Our Trans Home staff enrollment overview and Q and A
1:15 Staff meet with interested participants and enroll them into the program
2pm –   Event ends

We are requesting that you join us for the community orientation session for San Francisco first
rental subsidy program for trans and gender nonconforming community. Mayor Breed includes
an over $2 million investment into the new trans subsidy program for FY 19-20 and 20-21. In
November, the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) announced
the awarded, which will be administered through St. James Infirmary/Larkin Street Youth
Services (Our Trans Home SF initiative). This event will provide community members with
additional information on the program and support people through the application process.
Estimated 60-80 people in attendance.

For more information please contact:

Matthew Paden
[email protected]