~ Mental Health Services Program Update ~


It is with heavy heart we share the news that our mental health services are shutting down beginning next week. To everyone who has received mental health services with us in the past 7 years, you have been the most amazing folks to work with and it’s a deep honor we got to know you.

I want to appreciate Leticia Brown, LMFT and CeeCee Roberts, Case Manager, who opened this program at St James in 2014, bringing free therapy to sex workers for the first time in San Francisco. I also tribute Raul Hernandez, one of our early Case Managers, may his memory inspire us to keep fighting for what matters. And a huge shout out to Avi Wolf, LMFT, who has dedicated the past five years with me to this program as our Lead Clinician and Pia Odom, who is an up and coming therapist everyone should know about. We’ve had many amazing therapists and counselors over the years and each of them have said that St James participants are the absolute best to work with.

Although we are closing now, we hope to reopen down the line. For years we’ve operated without enough financial or structural support to make the program sustainable. It’s time to take a pause and review how we can do better in the future. If you need referrals for sex-work affirming therapy services, please call our front desk (link in bio).

With respect and awe for everyone in the St James Infirmary community,
Corrie Varga, LMFT
Mental Health Services Program Director