New Community Members

The intake interview is the initial step in formalizing contact between our community member participants and St. James Infirmary. Intake enables community members to provide basic information to the SJI staff in order to determine their service needs. All information gathered by staff through intakes is confidential. This information is voluntary and it is not necessary for you to do an intake to receive services. The intake helps our staff get to know you as well as give the medical and other service providers your basic medical information and history that will be referred to throughout your care at St. James. If you wish to skip the intake please let your intake counselor know.

We do not ask people to show their identification and they may use whatever name and date of birth to receive services at our clinic. It is recommended that people do not use names that they use to do sex work and that they use a name and date of birth that they can easily remember when accessing continuing care at the clinic. It is recommended that if you are new to the clinic or want a slot in a sought after service (full body massage, medical or psychotherapy) then you should come 15 minutes before we open on Wednesdays (5:45pm).

After people are registered they usually go back into the community room to get food from our pantry to take with them, go through the clothes closet or have an ear acupuncture treatment. We usually serve hot food in the lobby while people are waiting to register for services. The food menu varies day to day and is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is rarely vegan. Most of our hot meals are donated courtesy of Food Runners.