Primary Care

The following is a list of our Primary Care Services. Health maintenance screening (physical exams, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight). Evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic medical conditions such as asthma, skin conditions, respiratory infections, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia, etc. Reproductive healthcare for all genders, Gynecological and Urological Care. Testing: confidential HIV/STI/TB/Hepatitis Testing & STI Treatments), Pap smears, Breast exams, referrals for ultrasound and mammograms, colposcopies, Testicular exam, Prostate exam, Contraceptive counseling and prescriptions for all genders, free birth control, emergency contraception, IUDs & Depo-Provera, Wound & Abscess Care and Hepatitis A & B Immunizations.  Influenza vaccinations.


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