Community Outreach

St. James Infirmary’s outreach team can be found in many locations throughout San Francisco where we meet our sex worker communities both on foot and in our mobile unit called The Naughty Nurse Mobile.

Our outreach team goes out on the streets, to strip clubs, bars, adult theaters, massage parlors, SRO’s, adult bookstores, street fairs, celebrations, protests, events, and even our participant’s homes.

In collaboration with our HIV and safer sex supplies, we offer counseling, testing, and safer drug use supplies. We provide occupational supplies to sex workers out on the street, as well as essential items such as PPE, sanitation, hygiene, warm clothes, and seasonal supplies. We even deliver produce and groceries to the homes of some of our participants.

In addition, we offer non-judgmental peer support, information, and referrals for sex worker friendly health and social services and work collaborately with other community organizations that serve sex workers.

St. James Infirmary’s outreach program offers in-service trainings, participates in educational forums, panel discussions, fundraising events, as well as online workshops, classes, events, and celebrations.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions, or potential collaboration!