The St. James Infirmary negotiates partnerships with various agencies both locally and outside of the Bay Area to make available to its participants services that extend well beyond the St. James Infirmary's financial and programmatic scope. Such services include:

• Organizational capacity building

• Collaborative fund raising activities

• Coordination and development of healthcare services, social and support services, legal assistance, childcare, etc.

• Research and Education

Active Community Partners

San Francisco Department of Public Health STD Control & Prevention Section
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Immune Enhancement Project
Sex Workers Outreach Project-(SWOP Bay Area)

Past Community Partners
American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
San Francisco Department of Public Health, Jail Health Services
New Leaf
Positive SHE Program (UCSF)
Desiree Alliance
TransThrive (Asian Pacific Wellness)
Walden House
Positive Directions