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In support of its mission, the St. James Infirmary actively seeks charitable gifts. Your tax-deductible gifts support our mission of providing healthcare and other services to Sex Workers in need.

"We are fundraising to continue to provide medical, social services & advocacy for sex workers & transgender people"



or mail your check or money order to:

St. James Infirmary, Attn: Development, 730 Polk Street 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94109

Donate today and ensure that sex workers of all genders continue to have access to quality non judgemental care as well as build in our advocacy programs to center those most marginalized in our community and meet the needs of our community.

All gifts are accepted with the understanding that donors will not have undue or inappropriate influence on the mission, operating policies or procedures of the St. James Infirmary. As a public charity focused on providing healthcare to Sex Workers, the policy of the St. James Infirmary is to remain community-centered and collaborative in building a political advocacy and activism agenda. Building common cause across the sex industry that is grounded in a peer-driven process is a complicated endeavor that takes difficult work. We are committed to developing a means of actualizing solidarity in this struggle.

"Never underestimate the power of small incremental change sustained over a long period of time."

Questions about fundraising or development can be directed to [email protected]  (415)724-5255.

EIN 94-3330568

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